Do you deliver?
Yes we do! We have a booth operator set it up, operate it while assisting your guests, and then pack it down.

Is delivery free?
Delivery is free within most metropolitan areas. To check if your venue will incur delivery costs please contact us for a quote.

How does the booth work?
You enter the booth and select your picture option. The camera then takes a series of 3-4 photos. Each time a picture is taken it is displayed onto the viewing screen, two copies of photos are then printed and ready for collection from the side of the booth.

How big is the booth – is it mobile?
The booth requires a space of 2m x3m and it needs to be within 5m of a power source. It is mobile and we are able to access almost all venues. Contact us in regards to your specific requirements.

How long can I hire the booth for?
As long as you require – our packages range from 2-5 hours, however you can purchase additional hours if needed.

Can I purchase additional hours on the night?
Yes you can, dependent on availability. Additional hours are $175 by cash or credit card on the night. 


How long does it take to set the booth up?
Between 30-45 minutes so we do like to arrive early for setup.

Can I get an extra copy of the pictures?
You receive a digital memory stick of the pictures taken at the event. – extra copies can be purchased after the event

How many people can fit into the booth?
The average amount of people who can comfortably fit into our booths is 8. However we do have the option to make it an open booth, to accommodate a large number of people.

Can we have the event information printed on the pictures?
Yes. We offer customised strips on our extras page.

Whats the difference between Premium and Standard props?
Standard props are a small range of wigs, masks and handheld props, Premium props have some of the standard wigs and masks, then our higher end masquerade masks, top hats, boa’s, glasses and a wider selection of handheld props. 

Premium props can be themed by request.